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Our Investments

DARO is invested in several different worldwide Industries headquartered in Canada.
Below is a selection of industries that are owned by DARO. To learn more about our full portfolio of investments, please kindly contact us.

  • Bunkering and Physical Supply
  • Floor Leveling Systems
  • Real Estate Investments/ Development

Real Estate Management

Daro Construction expertly manages your real estate acquisition. Give us a call!

We have decades of experience in the construction industry and with overseeing property management and leasing teams.

Expert Real Estate Managers

At Daro Construction, we guide you to make the right choices when investing money. We help you weigh the market data and choose the right price to buy/sell a property.

Based on market supply, demand and conditions, we formulate a negotiation strategy to help attain your goals. Move in the right direction and call us for property advice!

Guiding investors on the path to achieving their goals

Real Estate Management Vaughan

Real Estate Property Management

Real Estate Management Toronto

Having been in the property management business for over 3 decades, Daro Construction knows the value of good customer service.

We have the market knowledge and insight to properly advise you regarding selling and/or buying at the right moment. Our team of licensed and experienced property managers will deal with any issue by finding the right solution.

Professional property management services

Why Choose Us?

  • Over 27 years of experience
  • Diversified and international experience
  • Strong connections within the industry
  • Specialize in investment strategies
  • Wide range of investment solutions
  • Expert asset management

Let the experts manage your real estate.