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Our Investments

DARO is invested in several different worldwide Industries headquartered in Canada.
Below is a selection of industries that are owned by DARO. To learn more about our full portfolio of investments, please kindly contact us.

  • Bunkering and Physical Supply
  • Floor Leveling Systems
  • Real Estate Investments/ Development

Property Management

Daro Construction is responsible for managing your property. Call us!

We focus on the long-term interests of investors, considering the ecological, social and ethical issues affecting their investments.

Expert Property Manager

If you’re looking for the best property management company in the region, then you’ve come to the right place. Daro Construction is committed to creating long-lasting relationships with investors by ensuring successful results. 

Be it residential or commercial real estate, our property managers will handle your project, taking every detail into consideration.

Working to get the best return on your investment

Property Management  Vaughan

Property Management Services

Property Management  Toronto

Daro Construction's property management services focus on preserving the value of your property while generating income.

We have the necessary licenses and experience to manage large properties, providing on-going communication, comprehensive marketing, tenant screening and full-service leasing etc. Call our property manager for more information about our services!

Providing a wide range of property management services

We Specialize In:

  • Land development
  • Project development
  • Real estate acquisition
  • Real estate management
  • Private equity
  • General contracting

Reliable service is just a phone call away.