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Our Investments

DARO is invested in several different worldwide Industries headquartered in Canada.
Below is a selection of industries that are owned by DARO. To learn more about our full portfolio of investments, please kindly contact us.

  • Bunkering and Physical Supply
  • Floor Leveling Systems
  • Real Estate Investments/ Development

About Daro Industries Inc


Bunkering and Physical Supply

About Fuel Trade

Fuel Trade International Inc. is the parent company of a group of organizations specializing in fuel, operational and financial solutions to the maritime and energy trading industry around the world. We operate globally with clients in shipping lines and the shipping business. We are represented by multiple companies worldwide and are currently operating in 27 countries and 1,800 ports. Our head offices work together with local companies and business partners to provide capital, systems and know-how.

Fuel Trade being ISO 9001:2008 certified by Lloyd’s Register demonstrates our ability to maintain operational standards that aim to enhance customer satisfaction.

Fuel Trade is a full and active member of the International Bunker Industry Association (I.B.I.A)

Multi-family and Condominiums

DARO develops and implements real estate strategies for multifamily and condominium residential properties – rental or for sale. We conduct detailed analysis on operating and financial performance, develop and implement action plans to address critical issues impacting value, negotiate key agreements with third parties, and overseeing operations of new or partially complete development projects.

Development and Construction

Our experience developing and constructing buildings provides us with the ability to underwrite or step into complicated, often partially complete projects. We can determine costs to complete and rebid stalled projects to maximize savings while maintaining quality. We understand how to work with local municipalities and governmental agencies to ensure that unnecessary work delays do not occur.

Cash Flow Analysis and Projections

We assess local market conditions, occupancy rates, sales and/or leasing rates and product pipeline in order to develop projections. Employing a bottom-up approach that utilizes our team’s ownership and operations background ensures that cash flow projections have been thoroughly screened for revenue enhancement and expense saving opportunities.

About Us


Our experience building and overseeing property management and leasing teams enables us to quickly assess operations, policies and procedures, staffing, and market position. This allows us to quickly identify problems, design and implement solutions. We understand how to manage sales and rentals, and coordinate marketing teams to properly drive pricing. We can take an active role in weekly meetings (construction, leasing, sales, operations, etc.) to drive team performance and ensure proper attention to detail. In condominium projects, we work together with the community to ensure of acceptance from the community and government authorities.

Acquisition, Financing and Operating Agreements

We structure agreements to acquire, finance and operate residential properties. We leverage our familiarity with these agreements and our understanding of operational issues when negotiating business terms and conditions.